Board of Directors

Patricia Horton horton at
Mon May 1 15:02:09 PDT 1995

Stefan li Rous asks:
>Can you post the proposed changes to Corpora and the By-laws and the
>proposed waiver here? Or at least the proposed waiver if the other is
>too long?

Well, the waiver stuff with intro from the committee is 4 pages long, the
proposed changes are another 3 pages which would mean me typing in 7 pages
of information. I will try to get a copy of the waiver stuff off the rialto
it will be posted there (supposedly) May 1.

I will have to type in the proposed changes to the ED/SS foo. It may not
make too much sense without the old, the change is subtle. What I would like
is for people to send in general feelings about the ED/SS system and
how well you feel it does or does not work. Let me work on what would be 
best to post for the Corpora By-Law change. Organizational changes are
tricky at best to explain in this forum, I do best with handouts and
a chalk board.... maybe I need to do an organizational class at Steppes
Warlord which explains the pre 1993 SCA Inc setup, the post 1993 SCA Inc
setup and the what the new proposal means?


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