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Wed May 3 22:48:11 PDT 1995

Greetings to Antonio and others discussing the Rapier.

I wrote:
Antonio replied:
>What would you say are the benifits of this system?  Do you feel there are 
>any disadvantages?

I see a benefit to limiting the number of people who can sign
authorizations.  With fewer authorizing marshals, we have a better chance of
consistancy than we would have with lots of potential signers.  However, I
think it would be easier for new fighters, especially in remote areas, if
there were a few more authorizing marshals.  

I am a local rapier marshal.  It is somewhat irritating that my armored
counterpart can sign cards and I can't (but I think that's my problem, not
the system's).  When I took this office, I didn't know what I was doing, so
it was good that I wasn't authorizing fighters.  I have more experience
training new fighters now, and think I know when they are safe.  Perhaps
some kind of junior marshal and senior marshal system would be best.  Every
member of the marshalate would start as a junior marshal, and prove
themselves to get "promoted".

Antonio commented:
>At the end you discussed the need for an authorization bout.  I noticed that 
>you advocated observing the fighter at practices for his authorization.  I 
>agree with this as well.  However, I notice that this would require a more 
>personal aproach.  People of authority would have to become personally 
>involved with people coming in.  It would become more of a supportive group 
>of peers, a family-group if you will, rather than an offical licensing.  
>What do you think? 

So, you prefer the old days when all rapier fighters were good friends, and
to become a Don/Dona you had to spend 40 hours in Tivar's living room
discussing fencing, fighting styles and the meaning of life? :)  The rapier
community has grown.  There are even White Scarves who haven't been to
Tivar's house (gasp!). We're still a community, just not as close as we used
to be.

If I was asked to authorize someone, I would prefer to watch them practice a
few times, and to work with them.  If I couldn't do that, I'd ask them
questions about rules and safety, ask my friends who practice with them how
they are doing, and then watch an authorization bout.  I'd rather be
presonally involved with every fighter I authorize, but I'd deal with it if
I wasn't.  Making more authorizing marshals increases the odds of personal

In service to the Queen, the rapier community, and the Society,

Llywelyn Gruffydd
Cadet to Don Robin of Gilwell

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