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Wed May 10 22:31:36 PDT 1995

>I say it is time we pulled honor out of the rule books and put it back in 
>our hearts where it belongs. 

Honor is not the only word to sum up what is needed here however.

Honor is a concept that needs remembered at all times, to be sure.  I 
suggest that curtesy and respect be equal or higher in concern.  I know many 
a knight (and others) who have "Great Honor" upon the field, yet lack the 
curtesy to respect the new fighter, or even to nod a greeting to a new face 

 All these are qualities that need to be achieved and remembered.  I have a 
duty as squire to my Knight that needs to be upheld, and part of that duty 
is to do justice to his name AND mine.  I have dignity as a squire that I 
feel (perhaps wrongly) is unique.  I value the duty I have as a personal 
honor.  But what good is that duty and my own honor if I have no curtesy for 
my fellow populace?  If I hold myself above others because I strive to do my 
Knight and my House "Honor" I lose sight of the true goal, to respect those 
around me and live a dream with them.
 This is not about Honor, that can be earned with respect to others, curtesy 
and kindness.  Duty is not just to my Knight, it is to everyone in the whole 
SCA.  I hold them in respect and to me that holds it's own honor that I 
don't need recognized by anyone but myself.

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