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Mon May 22 10:28:37 PDT 1995

>#What's the appropriate alternative?  I know that this is an area sensitive 
>#and I don't know the best way to handle it.  What would be a more 
>#compasionate way to provide financial relief for larger family groups, but 
>#not offend people of different points of view?
>How about "Immediate Family", without explicitly defining family, and trusting
>people to act honorably. "Household" would probably be best, but given that
>that has two meanings in the SCA, it would be confusing.

That would be interesting, "Hello, I'm here for the event with my HOUSEHOLD, 
all 90 of them.  It's only $30 for the mass of us, the 33 cents each came 
from the assorted pocket change, sorry about that... we don't like pennys 

I'm sure the gate guard would love that... :)

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