Defining family

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Mon May 22 10:41:54 PDT 1995

> We're talking about definitions and economics.  Economics are that not all
> members of a "nuclear family" are adults and as such are (probably) not
> wage-earners and therefore cannot pay their own way, putting a strain on
> the limited budget of the parents (whether it's a traditional, M/F pair, or
> M/M or F/F makes no difference).

Why must it be a pair even. I know families where there are 3 persons
who act as parents. As well, are the other members of the family limited
to being the children of the parents or are all dependants included?

> Once that is established, it makes it
> unnecessary to explain to the logical, intelligent mind that other "family"
> groups need not be defined.

The problem is defining "family" in particular.

Personally I don't care since I have the funds to afford the cost
associated with getting in, but there are only 2 people in my family
right now.


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