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Mon May 22 10:57:07 PDT 1995

>Litch posts

>what can I say, the event annoucement pushed hot buttons in me, I am just
>bringing the matter up in an effort to achieve clarity.

But the way you did it caused the discussion to change from what it should
have been, to what could have easily become a full fledged flame fest.

>Dunno, sca policy tends to be fairly grass roots and go from the ground up,
>I would like for that policy to include explicitly some room for families
>which may not fit into the RNC's vision of America.

The problem with that is simple, if we make a policy that pleases you, it
would probably offend someone else.  The SCA has many different political
leanings involved in it, I know people that are extreme *right*, and extreme
*left*.  Developing a policy that works for one group, will annoy the other:(

>Hay, if a third of the ppl in bryn gwlad recognize me I am doing pretty good,
>and I AM trying to become more involved but I have been busy lately.

I wanted to come up with a *safe* guess on how well known you are.

>All I did was ask for clarification of what thier definition of a family
>is, and then expressed my extreme displeasure with that definition. 

Yes, that is exactly what you did, but again, it was the way that you did it
that upset some people.  If you had not pushed so many *hot* buttons, you
could have probably created a good on-going discussion of the issue, as it
is, there are some who will not wish to discuss this.  

>I am NOT going, but
>then it is not much of a sacrafice, I hadn't really planned on going. However
>they ARE a part of a group I participate in and I DO disagree with the
>sentiment they have presented. I hardly think it is out of line to question
>them on that.

Again, I agree with you right to question, but IMHO, you would do better to
question, without pushing *hot* buttons.

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