Defining Family

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Mon May 22 11:08:06 PDT 1995

>> Dave Posts:
>Crispen Posts:

>>How about "Immediate Family", without explicitly defining family, and trusting
>>people to act honorably. "Household" would probably be best, but given that
>>that has two meanings in the SCA, it would be confusing.

>That would be interesting, "Hello, I'm here for the event with my HOUSEHOLD, 
>all 90 of them.  It's only $30 for the mass of us, the 33 cents each came 
>from the assorted pocket change, sorry about that... we don't like pennys 

There is a simple way to do this:  Define *family* as any number of people
living at the same *real* (no PO Boxes) address.  This would allow a
*nuclear* family, with childern to get a discount, and it would allow a
*group* family to also get a discount.  It would not punish anyone because
of their preferences, except for the preference to live by themselves.  It
would not let either extended families that do not live together, or SCA
Households, which BTW, are NOT recognized by the SCA, to get discounts.


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