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>My fourth grade students will be doing the Maltese Bransle (brawl?) as 
>part of district-wide arts festival. I am in desperate need of the music. 
>My music teacher has something but it doesn't seem to fit the steps as I 
>know them and as her book has them. I can send you a tape to copy or if 
>you can send me a tape we will make a copy. The school will pay for 
>postage and handling. 
>Also, anyone in North Houston area interested in demonstrating the dance 
>in garb one afternoon?
>you can reach me at   lmcochra at

Probably the reason that the steps you know don't fit the music your teacher
has is that, in the SCA, we don't dance the Maltese Branle to its original
music (found in Thoinot Arbeau's "Orchesographie", translated by Mary Stewart
Evans).  The music we dance the Maltese to is called "Schiarazula Marazula."
 If you will post your snail-mail address to me, I will be happy to send you
recordings of the original Maltese, and two variations of Schiarazula
Marazula - the SCA Maltese.   Let me know if you need any more recordings,
and I'll try to help you out.  I won't be able to help you personally at your
demo, unfortunately; the drive from Columbus, Georgia, to North Dallas is a
bit far!

Good luck!

Countess Katrina of Iron Mountain
Katrina Sokoll
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