Copy of Zodiacus Report sent to Black Star

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Thu Apr 4 06:34:33 PST 1996

Aodhan wrote:
>     Northern Region Tribute/A&S Collegium - Wiesenfeuer - 02/24/96
>Fiona Mac Seain - Sable Comet - ???
>Angus MacKnuckles - Sable Comet - ???

Brad Leah.

>     Candlemas - Bryn Gwlad - 02/03/96
>No Report Received

Lots of people on this forum talked about the awards they received at 
this event, so there are definitely some from this event. (All I really 
remember is that Pug got a thistle for brewing and several others as 

>Oda Ito - Award of Arms

So just how close can a name be to a rather well known one from science 
fiction before it falls afoul of some naming rule? One hopes that this 
name has not been approved by the COA, seeing as how its the extremely 
close name of everyone's favorite shapeshifter, Odo Ital. Of course, I'm 
aware that *Odo* is itself a medieval name (Bishop Odo the uncle of 
William the Bastard/Conqueror), but the name as listed above just made 
me think Star Trek before thinking medieval.


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