Heraldic Questions????

z_coulborjrb@TITAN.SFASU.EDU z_coulborjrb at TITAN.SFASU.EDU
Mon Apr 8 12:42:58 PDT 1996

M'Lords and M'Ladies,

	I have a question about documenting my name.  I can find the 
last name I want to use in Irish folklore, but I can not find a historical
basis for the name.  One problem I am running into is that nothing seems
to be written for 9th century Ireland.  I did not expect much
written information on the subject of naming.  I could use some sugestions 
about what books and the process for "proving" pre-written names.
	My first name, Magnus, can be documented up to the 10th century, 
but can it be used earlier than that.

In your service,

Magnus mac Roich

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