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> Tell me more about the Brad Leah event. Will it be every year? Where is it?
> I wish I had asked about it we ended up staying home on the baby's first christmas 
> because the relative all came down with a very bad flu and she has missed this 
> particular strain twice after catching it the first time in February. We did not want 
> to exposed her to again it is very vicious, she was so sick she did not even cry :(

Greetings to the net!

I wish to add my accolades to those already posted about the Japanese event
held up in Brad Leah this past weekend.  It was one of the most enjoyable
times I've ever had at at event, and the feast ranks right up at the top of
my "favorite feasts ever" list (even better than the 3-pound lobsters they
fed us in Nova Scotia!)

The event format was completely Japanese - from the garb that most people
wore, to the tournament which was great sword and Polearm only, to the arts
and sciences display of Japanese arts, to the feast which was prepared by
Octavia and Caitrin and their crew with the assistance of Octavia's honorable
mother (born and bred in Japan). 

The people of Brad Leah and Falcon's Ridge went to great lengths to 
create the Japanese atmosphere.  They wore the appropriate garb, adopted 
the mannerisms that we Europeans identify as Japanese, and in general 
threw one of the finest "persona" events I've ever attended.  I join with 
Mordraut in proclaiming that I plan to beg that they hold the event again 
next year.

Already planning my kimonos....


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