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Mon Apr 1 07:32:08 PST 1996

Herewith are the Awards and Honors bestowed by Their Majesties Galen and
Rebekah during the first two months of Their Reign, as were reported to the
Zodiacus Herald.

     Coronation - Court of Galen & Rebekah - 01/20/96

No Report Received

     12th Night and Children's Honor - Inis Feinics - 01/27/96

No Report Received

     12th Night - Bonwicke - 01/27/96

Oda Ito - Award of Arms
Anastasia Saraphine de Bricassart - Award of Arms
Morgan MacKenzie - Award of Arms
Britta MacGregor - Award of Arms
Asiza - Award of Arms
Angus McOg - Sable Thistle - Woodcarving
Donatus Canute Hillebarnd - Compass Rose
Phillipa De Vien - Sable Thistle - Scrimshaw
Constance the Crazed - Rising Star
Marlyna la Monita - Sable Crane
Mario Giovanni Blanco Draco Wyndragon - Iris of Merit
Marcus McKeon - Star of Merit
Hakon de Dekker - Pelican
Anna Mitrofanova - Pelican

     wInterkingdom VII - Northkeep - 01/27/96

No Report Received

     Candlemas - Bryn Gwlad - 02/03/96

No Report Received

     Tourney by the Loch - Loch Soilleir - 02/10/96

Manfred Wolf - Award of Arms
Ian MacNaughton - Award of Arms
Michelle La Chatte - Award of Arms
Avatar of Catsprey - Sable Thistle - Research in Period Music
Arnolda Kolfinna O'Comhraidhe - Sable Comet - ???
Aidan Aileran O'Comhraidhe - Compass Rose
Edwina Dirks Sterne - Star of Merit
Aaron von Donovan - Serpent's Toils of Loch Soilleir
Iago al Hassan - Queen's Rapier

     Queen's Champion - 02/17/96

Eisen Von Kringer - Sable Thistle - Metalwork
Gregory Tobias Barre - Award of Arms
Jean Sernald - Sable Comet - ???
Otto Fussman - Queen's Rapier
Jean Paul St. Michelle - Queen's Rapier
Antonio Marco Giovanni Bastiano - Queen's Rapier
Kassandra NicKraken - Court Barony
??? - Queen's Champion - Rebekah

     Spring Melees - Graywood - 02/24/96

No Report Received

     Northern Region Tribute/A&S Collegium - Wiesenfeuer - 02/24/96

Maura MacBryde - Award of Arms
Blaiddistaw ap Blaiddu - Award of Arms
Viggen Gulfoxy - Award of Arms
Santiago Villareal - Award of Arms
Sigfried von Steinburg - Award of Arms
Gawin Pattison - Sable Thistle - Leatherwork
Avan - Rising Star
Fiona Mac Seain - Sable Comet - ???
Angus MacKnuckles - Sable Comet - ???
William FitzBubba - Sable Crane
Orianna Valentina Corbizzi - Star of Merit
Arian of Wynstay - Order of the Lanternarius

     Northern Region Tribute/A&S Collegium - Wiesenfeuer - 02/25/96

Britta the Red - Award of Arms

     Tourney of the Black Stag - La March Sauvage - 02/24/96

No Report Received

     Black, White and Sort of Grey/Kgdm Constable's Wkshp - 03/02/96

No Report Received

     Tourney de Lyoness - Bjornsborg - 03/02/96

Thomas Dudley - Sable Thistle - Brewing
Mattieu Matson - Award of Arms
Amber Sonakeyeskie - Sable Thistle - Textile Art
Aislinn ni Fhearchair - Award of Arms
Brigitte Angelique de Navarre - Sable Thistle - Needlework
Seraphina Moslovska - Sable Thistle - Hospitality

     Ice Axe XV - Middleford - 03/09/96

Talon of Black Oak - Sable Comet - Middleford
Roger Aylward Bagley - Sable Comet - Middleford
Ayesha - Award of Arms
Lucas Spenser - Award of Arms
Gavin of the Keep - Award of Arms
Dillion of Dillion - Sable Thistle - Fletching

     To Save a Queen IV - Eldern Hills - 03/09/96

No Report Received

     Gulf Wars V - 03/15/96

Meredudd Brangwyn - Award of Arms
Tarl Godric the Brokentoe - Centurions of the Sable Star
Talen Gustaf von Marienburg - Centurions of the Sable Star
Anastasia Fedovna - Sable Crane
Maximillian Muehleisen - Sable Crane
Catriona Heather MacLochlain - Star of Merit

Also, the following was recieved in March:

     Margrave Tourney - Gnome Vale - 11/18/95

Seoras Macabhaird - Sable Comet - Gnome Vale
Mairi Jeannette Howard - Sable Comet - Gnome Vale
Ragnar Larsson of the Ice Dragon Isles - Sable Comet - Gnome Vale
Gunhilda Adeleva Amberstar - Sable Comet - Gnome Vale
Boudicca of Cattaclohe - Award of Arms
Dagmar Keldeleth - Award of Arms

Heralds: Please REPORT. Is is the duty of EVERY herald to report on EVERY
event.  I KNOW there were lots of heralds at Coronation, but NOONE reported on
Galen's and Rebekah's Court.  Even if no awards were given, this Office should
still receive a report saying so. This should not be news to you; I and my
predecessors have stressed this repeatedly for years. Also, please report
COMPLETELY.  The ???s above indicate information that SHOULD have been reported
but wasn't.

Populace: If your event wasn't reported on (and your award thus not listed),
nag your local herald to send this Office a report.  It is the duty of the
local herald to report on ALL EVENTS HELD BY YOUR BRANCH.  Do you really want
suffer the embarassment of being called forward to receive an award you already
have because your herald failed to perform their duty? Do you really want your
hard work to go unrecognized because your award wasn't reported?

Note: My BBS is no longer available, having died due to lack of callers.

My thanks to those heralds who did send me reports:  William FitzBubba, Michael
Silverhands, Arriene Ciannait O'Ciarain, Lucas du Belier, Rosalie Autumn, Keyna
Morgan Oulton, and Archibald Wynterbourne.

In Service,

Aodhan Ite an Fhithich
Zodiacus Herald
aodhan at  Ansteorran RoP On-line

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