Women Gladiators

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If anybody could tell me when this book was written i'd be vastly amused, 
what do y'all think...


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>>For those who feeel that women should have a more militant role or those who
>>are militant regarding women's roles the following may be of interest. 
>>Taken from the letters of Cesar de Saussure "Pantomimes and Gladiators , a
>>French tourist in London."  Location Lincoln's Inn File. 
>>"The day I went ot see the gladiators fight a witnessed an extraordinary
>>combat, two women being the champions. (The following deals with orations to
>>the growd etc) Then:
>>"Both of these women were very scantily clothed, and wore little bodices and
>>very short pettycoats of white linen. One of these women was a stout
>>Irishwoman and the other a small Englishwoman, full of fire and very agile.
>>The first was decked with blue ribbons on the head, waist and right arm.; the
>>second wore red ribbons. The weapons were a sort of two-handed sword, three
>>feet in length; the guard was covered, and the blade was three inches wide
>>and not sharp until the last foot which cut like a razor. ( Bets were placed
>>etc) Two men with staffs stood by to seperate the women should blood flow.   
>>After a while the combat became very animated, and was conducted with force
>>and vigor with the sides of the blades, for points there were none. The
>>Irishwoman presently received a great cut across her forehead, which put a
>>stop to the first part of the combat. The Englishwoman's backers threw her
>>shillings and half-crowns and applauded her. At this time the Irishwoman's
>>wound was sew up on the stage, a plaster applied to it and she drank a good
>>big glass of spirits to revive her courage. In the second combat the women
>>were armed with daggers, held in the left hands to ward off the blows. The
>>Irishwoman was wounded a second time and her adversary was given more money
>>and applause. In the third combat the women were given wicker shields as
>>defensive weapons. This action resulted in the Irishwoman receiving a deep
>>cut across her neck and throat. The surgeon sewed it up but she was unable to
>>continue. A few coins were thown to her to console her  but the victor made a
>>good days work of the combat. Fortunately it is very rarely that one hears of
>>women gladiators."
>>  Since this event occurred prior to the war and some of the members of the
>>army or public may have seen this performance in London it suggests
>>interesting possibilities for the dramatic and theatrical minded at events,
>>done safely of course. 
>>    It may also suggest that our ancestors had similar tastes to some today
>>and survived without a "V" chip.
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