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Lord Xaviar the Eccentric jfideli at
Sun Apr 14 12:23:25 PDT 1996

Greetings From the East Kingdom.
     Please forward this message to any and all Chroniclers you
know.  Thank you.... The X trapolator.

Greetings most Noble of Paper Printers.

     I am Known in the East as Lord Xaviar the Eccentric, Man of
a Thousand Persona,(etc...).  I am known for a great many things,
one of which might be of interest to you.  I write articles for
several local newsletters around the East, for our Kingdom
Newsletter, for several newsletters in other Kingdoms and
hopefully very soon T.I.  If you are interested in some
submissions, or know of other local newsletters in need of
material, Please feel free to forward this message to them and
have them contact me via Em.  at  "jfideli at" .
The only thing I require is if my material is used, that I
receive a copy of the issue, in which it appears, sent to my
snail mail address (Sma)(see below).  To request an Article just
send the message "Request Article" and include a list of any
articles previously received, so I don't double up.  Thank you.

                       Xaviar Handelsherr
                    C/O Medieval Man Caterers
                     612-X Old Medford Ave.
                      Patchogue, NY. 11772.

                            Thank you
                       Fourevare in Period
                   Lord Xaviar the Eccentric.
                      Da`ved Man of Letters

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