Known World Arts & Sciences

Mon Apr 15 10:37:14 PDT 1996

Well, for those of you who weren't there this weekend, the Barony
of the Steppes in Ansteorra (aka Dallas, Texas) hosted the annual 
Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium.  Herself and I shoved our 
belongings (as well as those of our two traveling companions) into 
our wagon and traveled the 250 miles to reach this thing.

Having never attended a Known World anything before (I've only been a
member of the Society for 13 years after all) I wasn't sure what to
expect, but the event was far more enjoyable than I have found the vast
majority of events I have ever attended to be.  As with many such events
(or so I am told), there was a moderate, but motivated turnout from
all over Ansteorra, and several of the nearby Kingdoms.  I was able to
make the acquaintance of several people I had known only by correspondence
previously, and others I had only heard stories about.  I was able to
share things I had learned elsewhere, and learn some interesting new 
things in return.  (I was also able to orate, pontificate, and lay my 
opinions thickly with a shovel, but I don't need to travel to do that :) )

There were some of the best made clothing I have ever seen there.  For
example, I was struck by an weird comparison.  There was a young lady
present wearing what I thought was the most glorious display of what
I can only term "SCA-Elizabethan" men's clothes (the tasteful use of the 
metallic cloth itself was fascinating).  However, also present was a
contingent of the Trayn'd Bands whose clothing, in its simple accuracy
and detail, deeply impressed me (and made me regret some of MY clothing
choices :) ).

The classes (at least the ones I took, although my wife had equal praise 
for the classes she was in) tended to be informative and well taught.
I learned a great deal, as well as successfully fought the urge to
"help" the instructors even when I thought I had some information that
might illustrate their point.  It's a habit I loath personally, and with 
the exception of one specific incident during the day, I saw no one mis-
treat their instructors.  The best thing I can say (and those who have
known me for any time can attest it IS a compliment) is I was never bored.

The dinner looked good (although we had a prior, separate commitment), and
afterwords there was considerable laughter and revelry, as well as dancing
to live musicians playing authentic instruments.

All in all, a wonderful day of learning.

Diarmuit Ui Dhuinn
(Testing out his other account for a change)
I. Marc Carlson

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