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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Apr 15 11:44:16 PDT 1996

Fiona asks:

>Can anyone recommend some good referneces for period needlework? I'm
>looking to expand my repertoire.

You might want to take a look at some of these files in the TEXTILE ARTS
section of my SCA Rialto Files. I'm not sure which kinds of needlework
you are interested in, so here are the most likely files. These files
often have messages about and reviews of various books on period needlework.

beadwork-msg      (18K)  9/26/95    Beadwork on clothing.
cross-stitch-msg  (27K)  9/21/95    Period and SCA cross-stitch.
embroidery-msg    (54K)  4/ 3/96    Period and SCA embroidery.
kniting-msg       (41K)  4/ 1/96    Period kniting.
lace-msg          (81K)  3/ 6/96    Making lace in period and SCA.
quilting-msg      (14K)  4/26/95    Quilting in period.

Like my other files, these files are available at:

or from me by email.

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
markh at

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