Stefan's May file article

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Mon Apr 15 15:09:09 PDT 1996

Here is a copy of my article for the May issue of Bryn Gwlad's monthly
newsletter for those on here who might be interested.

Stefan li Rous

A Blending of the Past and Present       

Here is the list of my featured SCA Rialto files for this month. I have 
files for all interests. If none of the files below interest you, ask for 
a copy of my complete file list. If you would like a copy of any of these 
files, just let me know. I can print them on paper for you, copy them 
to a computer disk or send them by email.

Those of you who have World-Wide-Web (WWW) access can also get these 
files at:

    Stefan li Rous   892-0036   markh at

Here are the new files that have been added this past month:

bathing-msg          Bathing and cleanliness in the Middle Ages.
child-stories-msg    Stories of SCA children.
haggis-msg           Scottish haggis recipes. comments on haggis.
Italy-msg            Italian culture, families.
lea-tanning-msg      How to tan leather. Types of tanning.
prostitution-msg     Medieval prostitution.
ships-bib            Bibliography of ships and things nautical.
soup-msg             Medieval soups. Cooking soups at events.

And here are a few older files that might be useful to those figuring
out how to spend some of their time at upcoming spring events:

cloved-fruit-msg     Period cloved fruit. Origin of the SCA game.
darts-msg            Period darts, both pub and combat.
games-msg            Medieval board games and sports.
games-cards-msg      Medieval card games.
games-SCA-msg        Games for SCA events.
piquet-art           A renaissance card game.

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