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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Tue Apr 16 14:55:05 PDT 1996

Antoine D'Aubernoun states:

>I'm looking for armorers in the Steppes/Elfsea area.  The only name I can 
>think of is Duke Inman, but any other contacts would be appreciated.

You might want to take a look at some of my files. One file lists and
critiques SCA armorers but is Known World wide and not just Steppes. This
file is:

armorers-lst      (32K)  3/ 6/96    List and reviews of SCA armorers.

If anyone wants to have additional addresses or critiques of particular
SCA armorers added to this file, send me a note.

>On the one hand, I'm looking for sources of things like arm harness, but 
>I'm also looking for a local armorer who might be interested in teaching 
>someone a few things and maybe letting them work on personal projects in 
>their shop in exchange for some grunt work (edging plates or whatever 
>else there might be).  

>Lastly, I'd be interested in having a set of plates for a Wisby 
>coat-of-plates made for me (or again, find access to a shear and a brake 
>(?) for curving the plates.  My old body armor is too big for me now, and 
>I either need a new coat of plates or a gambeson, and I have NO clue how 
>to go about doing the latter.

Take a look at this file:

gambesons-msg     (23K) 10/25/95    Gambesons, SCA and period.

Those looking for other armor ideas might want to look at these files:

a-treating-msg    (14K) 10/11/94    Surface treatments for armor. Blackening.
armor-msg         (36K) 12/ 7/93    General comments on armor, SCA armor.
armor-leather-msg (50K)  7/21/94    Making leather armor.
armor-plastic-msg (50K) 10/11/94    Making plastic armor.
gauntlets-msg     (14K)  2/ 3/95    Hand protection, gloves, gauntlets.
helmets-msg        (5K)  3/ 3/95    Helmets. SCA and period.
p-armor-msg       (81K) 10/11/94    Period armor.
SCAweapons-msg    (18K) 10/31/95    SCA weapons ideas. Construction tips.
shields-msg       (54K) 10/ 4/95    SCA and period shields.

These files are available at:

or from me by email.

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
markh at

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