Seeking Armorers...

Terry_A._Harper at Terry_A._Harper at
Tue Apr 16 15:26:29 PDT 1996

I'm looking for armorers in the Steppes/Elfsea area.  The only name I can 
think of is Duke Inman, but any other contacts would be appreciated.

On the one hand, I'm looking for sources of things like arm harness, but 
I'm also looking for a local armorer who might be interested in teaching 
someone a few things and maybe letting them work on personal projects in 
their shop in exchange for some grunt work (edging plates or whatever 
else there might be).  

Lastly, I'd be interested in having a set of plates for a Wisby 
coat-of-plates made for me (or again, find access to a shear and a brake 
(?) for curving the plates.  My old body armor is too big for me now, and 
I either need a new coat of plates or a gambeson, and I have NO clue how 
to go about doing the latter.

Your help is appreciated.

In Service,

aka Antoine D'Aubernoun
rshipp at

Hi Randy!  Talk to Tor.  He's not very net literate, but you can call
          him at 731-4670.  Our e-mail at home is "rhiain at".

          Good Luck!


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