Vivats to you!

Ches at Ches at
Wed Apr 17 09:06:00 PDT 1996

On Wed, 17 Apr 1996 02:17:09 -0400  CRICKETRED at wrote:
>Steffan...I don't know if anyone has told you lately how handy you and your
>files and replies that direct people to exactly what they need are, but I
>think you're due for some appreciation, so here's many thanks from's
>nice to see SOMEONE stay on top of things!   :)   and your lovely wife Alina
>has compiled some wonderful albums that show all aspects of
>everything....they were great at the Canterbury Faire!
>Vivats to you!
>   Letha de Loc Airgead
>( you know....That Redhead from Ffynnon Gath :))

I too have benefit most greatly from your files! I have distributed it to all that 
ask me who do not have access to the www. I will now start asking them to write thank 
you notes!

Ciao   @}\
Ches @}----`--,--


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