Vivats to you!

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Wed Apr 17 08:57:30 PDT 1996

Ches most kindly adds to Letha's comments:

>I too have benefit most greatly from your files! I have distributed it to all
>ask me who do not have access to the www. I will now start asking them to
write thank 
>you notes!

Thank you very much. Now that most of the distribution of these files is by
Web site rather than by email, disk or paper copy, I don't get as much
on what people are finding useful or even if they are finding the files

Please feel free to distribute these files further to those who might make use
of them but who do not have access to the WWW. These files are constantly
updated at irregular intrevals, so periodically checking files for updates may
be useful too.

Although the vast majority of these files are assembled from messages off the
computer networks, some of the files come from articles submitted to me by
email. If anyone out there has written any articles that they think will be
useful to other SCA folks and is willing to let me distribute them with this
file set, please send them to me. I will keep your name and any copying
restrictions you place on the file intact. If sent this way, rather than
on a mail list or newsgroup, I will also need some kind of note giving me 
permission to add them to my files.

The other side of this coin, is that there are a number of complete, short
stand-alone articles in the file collection that may be useful in local
newsletters. If used for this, please pay attention to any copying
(such as the author wanting a copy of the issue) and even without any
explicit restrictions remember to give the original author credit.

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
markh at

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