Including the Crown in Discussions Affecting Their Subjects

Gileshill at Gileshill at
Tue Dec 3 11:52:27 PST 1996

Gunnora said:
>  Actually, just as a courtesy thing.  Also to see if they have any interest
>  in a formal charter such as was issued for Blue Feather in Caid (I think
>  was Caid).  It's always nice to consult the Crown and clue them in on what
>  you're doing when it affects Subjects in Their Realm.

That would be 'yes', Gunnora-Bob.  The primary reason for Timothy and
Trista's Charter was to enable a listing in the kingdom newsletter, the Crown
Prints.  (Only 'chartered' groups are listed;  the metal-workers, the
lacemakers and brewers, the clothiers, the players, and the medieval
homosexuality study group.)


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