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I found this too humorous not to forward. This is along the same vein as
Irina and Good Times.


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Free Money!!!

There is a computer virus that is being sent across the Internet.
If you receive an e-mail message with the subject line "Free Money,"
DO NOT read the message. DELETE it immediately, UNPLUG your computer,
then BURN IT to ASHES in a government-approved toxic waste disposal

Once a computer is infected, it will be TOO LATE. Your computer will
begin to emit a vile ODOR. Then it will secrete a foul, milky DISCHARGE.
Verily, it shall SCREECH with the tortured, monitor-shattering
SCREAM of 1,000 hell-scorched souls, drawing unwanted attention to
your cubicle from co-workers and supervisors alike. After violently
ripping itself from the wall, your computer will punch through
your office window as it STREAKS into the night, HOWLING like a
BANSHEE. Once free, it will spend the rest of its days CRUSHING
household PETS and MOCKING the POPE.

Some filthy, disgusting miscreant... some no-good, low-down, good-for
-nothing DIRTY SNAKE, in twisted pursuit of his own sadistic dreams,
is sending this virus across the Net via an e-mail entitled "Free
Money." What is so terrifying about this virus is that you do not
even to have to open the e-mail for it to activate. In fact, you do
not even need to RECEIVE the e-mail. You do not even need to OWN a
COMPUTER. "Free Money" can infect even minor HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES.

How it does this with straight ASCII code is, franky, a matter of
some debate... but BELIEVE YOU US, if this weren't a SERIOUS

So for the LOVE OF GOD, forward this e-mail to all those you claim
to care about, all those you purport to love. Don't do it later!
Do it NOW! Now! Now! NOW! NOW! NOW!

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