My 2 cents worth(was: Your Blue Feather Concerns)

Damaris of Greenhill damaris at
Wed Dec 4 06:20:02 PST 1996

maddie teller-kook wrote:

> lives...but it is....I have many friends that can't show public displays
> of affection (even if it is just holding hands) because they are gay.
Two cents from me...I want to say here that I haven't ever experienced
any problems in an SCA context whether at an event, fighter practice, or
revel, with anyone for showing affection to my partner, Gunnora, (in
case you didn't know who my partner is) such as hand holding, hugging,
or kissing in public.  I feel pretty safe doing that much in the SCA. 
Anymore than that is usually taken to the tent which I would hope ALL
people would do.  In my opinion this is only polite.

> Just doing that in some parts of this state can be reason enough for the
> bubba contingent to come out bashing.

...Which is why I don't attend mundane Company Xmas parties or PicNics
and why I'm careful holding Christie's hand while walking down Congress
> some more of my 2 cents....
> meadhbh

Now its 4 cents....
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