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maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Tue Dec 3 20:43:33 PST 1996

Carey McClure wrote:

>                 Fellow Ansteorrans,
>         I find the my feelings mixed. I know some gays both in and out of
> the Sca. I agree with the primus of finding someone also in the Sca to share
> the experience very worth while effort.  the concern I have is there going to
> be sub's for boys looking for girls.. do we want to open that box?

I guess I didn't quite get what your concerns are about Clan
BlueFeather.  If you are concerned it is some sort of dating
service...It isn't. It is a way for gay/lesbian/bisexual people to meet
within the SCA along with acting as an education source for information
on homosexuality during the middle ages.  I don't know if this kingdom
is in need of a formal chapter only time will tell.  I do think having a
contact person for gay/lesbian members of the SCA can help new kingdom
members a great deal.
>         Not too sure were I will land on this subject, maybe I just needed to
> say we/me/I, in the Sca-non-specific-orintation should except each other as is,
> (if someone gets the wrong idea about you, just say no thank you, you've
> missunderstood).

As much as I would love to think everyone would be cordial and NOT bash
someone for asking them to dance (I have heard of less causing
problems)..not many people are willing to say 'no thank you.  Yes, it
would be nice if sexual orientation wasn't an important component of our
lives...but it is....I have many friends that can't show public displays
of affection (even if it is just holding hands) because they are gay.
Just doing that in some parts of this state can be reason enough for the
bubba contingent to come out bashing.  

some more of my 2 cents....


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