Reply re: Your Blue Feather Concerns

Pug Bainter pug at
Wed Dec 4 06:34:23 PST 1996

> 	I find the my feelings mixed. I know some gays both in and out of 
> the Sca. I agree with the primus of finding someone also in the Sca to share
> the experience very worth while effort.  the concern I have is there going to
> be sub's for boys looking for girls.. do we want to open that box?

Isn't almost every party setting usually boys looking for girls and vice
versa? Not only does it happen, but it happens at most events. This is
the whole idea behind "social" gatherings. Besides sharing with old
friends, we try to make new friends. Once drunk, it usually turns to
making new bed friends. *wink*

> (if someone gets the wrong idea about you, just say no thank you, you've 
> missunderstood).

Although most people can do that in the SCA, not all can. It's a sad
state, but true.

That's probably enough from me.


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