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Peter Crandall Polk pcrandal at
Wed Dec 4 18:32:59 PST 1996

Pug Bainter wrote:
> Isn't almost every party setting usually boys looking for girls and vice
> versa? Not only does it happen, but it happens at most events. This is
> the whole idea behind "social" gatherings. Besides sharing with old
> friends, we try to make new friends. Once drunk, it usually turns to
> making new bed friends. *wink*

What you are saying makes me uncomfortable. And makes me want to express
something in this discussion. I have attended many "social" functions
that were not "pick up" oriented. I did make new friends and strengthen
old ones but I and my friends were not there to "hunt". 
Drinking, at a gathering, is not designed or intended to gather bed
partners. It is used, by some, to relax and enjoy the escape that
alchohol gives. Some do it to appreciate the brewer's skill. 
If these are the sum total reasons that you use in order to go to a
"social" gathering, then I feel sad for you. 
I can see that some people may agree with you. I will admit that at some
events I have met attractive people that I am interested in. I will also
say that drinking has led to bed partners. But I will also say that the
intent of each person is different, and blanket statements that place
people in little convenient roles hurt the people that do not fit the
traditional roles in life. 
non sum qualie eram
I am not what I used to be

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