Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Fri Dec 6 07:58:12 PST 1996

> >I guess me trying to tease people doesn't come across very well, even
> >with winks. I give up.
> You have my total sympathies.

Thank you. (Btw, I'm probably being to touchy. It's been a very long,
hard week that is surrounded by the fact I'm in the middle of a forced
move which in turn will be followed by a drive to Illinois for Xmas.)

> As someone who has been accused of 
> having a dry, acerbic writing style (we won't even *discuss* the
> public speaking style, thank you) it is sometimes very difficult
> for me to convince people that I'm joking.

I have the same problem, and being a very dry smart-ass (as I call myself)
I try to ensure putting lots of "emoticons" into messages that I'm being
particularly dry or smart-assish. In person people have my facial
expressions which clearly announce my intent.

> It took me several times of reading it
> before it occured to me that the person who was uncomfortable with your
> joke, probably recognized it was a joke, and was sinply expressing 
> their concern about the propagation of an image of the Society (even
> as a joke) that the SCA has over the years begun to shy away from.

I've reread the message over, as well as the followups, and I must agree
with you about the original poster. I'm still not sure about the followups
at this point.

> In other words, a simple misunderstanding.  Don't take it too badly,

Don't worry. Although I may be exasperated, there is no way I'm going to
just disappear or change my style. I've worked too hard getting it to
let it go now. *grin*

> I 
> really doubt that the original author (I haven't read any of the follow-up)
> meant to disregard your levity, but rather used it as a stepping stone
> to a more important (to them) topic.

Well I hope I've helped a little bit in my followup to one of the
folloups. I think as someone else pointed out (Gio?), the setup of most
events is very much designed as a good way to pick up other people.

Big strong man beat on big weaker man. Big man strut for pretty girl.
Pretty girl flirt. Big man try to flirt back. Big man and pretty girl
make loud noises in tent. Unh.

Now if someone took that part too serious, I'm gonna have to kill them.


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