Teasing vs. the SCA and e-mail

I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at centum.utulsa.edu
Thu Dec 5 07:52:46 PST 1996

<"Pug Bainter" <pug at pug.net>>
>Now if someone took that part too serious, I'm gonna have to kill them.

Don't worry, they will...

And just to toss in my half-groat's worth, yes, many events make it
easy for easy pick ups.  And everything from the secluded camping 
arrangements to the easy overlooking of socially debateable behavior
appear to make it more of an option.  However, as with other forms
of social, um, intercourse, it takes two (at least) to Tango [any fewer
willing participants threatens rape, which I doubt even the lackadaisical
social standards would tolerate], and there are sufficient people at
the average event that it is entirely possible to NEVER be in a socially
inappropriate solitude (something I learned to my amusement MANY years ago).


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