Trebuchet (long)

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Thu Dec 5 09:37:42 PST 1996

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, dennis grace wrote:

> >_A Scud It's Not, But the Trebuchet Hurls a Mean Piano_
> >
> >Giant Medieval War Machine Is Wowing British Farmers And
> >Scaring the Sheep

So, how much closed-cell foam would be required to make the missiles SCA
legal, and how much duct-tape?  :)

> >
> >over a wall. `The directors insisted on something made out of
> >plastic and cardboard,' he recalls with distaste. `Nobody cares
> >about correctness these days.''

So true...:)

(please note the smileys, I can't afford asbestos underware!)

With greetings in this season of preparation,

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