Drunk and Disorderly

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at comp.uark.edu
Thu Dec 5 09:58:02 PST 1996

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Pug Bainter wrote:

> to do with the SCA though, just a sad time in my life), as well as
> individuals who like to play matchmaker, but not an all out singles
> pickup atmosphere.
> No reason to be sorry. The main reason me and my lady are becoming more
> and more involved in the SCA (or is that it's becoming our life instead
> of an escape?) is, in small part, the fact that this doesn't happen and
> we don't have to feel uncomfortable being around people who do have
> attitudes like this.  Doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good party though.
> (Most of the people I party with are already in very comfortable
> relationships and probably part of the reason I like partying with them
> and not the singles crowds.)
(two copper pennies flip on stage)

Let me wedge in a quick point of view.

As some might have noticed, I have any number of strongly held, usually
feminist, opinions that I will not hestitate to explain.  I am *not*
"pretty".  Add to this I refuse to waste my time with the boorish and
inarticulate.  Also, I was at school for a reason, I wanted to learn and
do well.  This really does make for a nearly non-exsistant social life
both attitude and time wise.  When I did have time, I did prefer to spend
it with the SCA, not only because I like the research and ambiance, but
because I met some really worthwhile people there, and the ratio of
worthwhile people has always been consistantly high.  To my utter
amazment, I met interesting and articulate men that would bother to talk
to me and seemed to enjoy my company (totaly new concept)!  I figured I
would eventually find a husband in the SCA because that's where the
higher-quality men were.  Of course, my big and wonderful surprise showed
up, and guess what?  He joined the SCA of his own volition.

Advent tidings,

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