Drunk and Disorderly

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Thu Dec 5 07:06:43 PST 1996

>>What you are saying makes me uncomfortable. And makes me want to express
>>something in this discussion. I have attended many "social" functions
>>that were not "pick up" oriented. I did make new friends and strengthen
>>old ones but I and my friends were not there to "hunt".
> Pug implies- as have posts before his- that the Society for Creative
> Anachronism is some kind of pick up joint and I'm here to say that this just
> _isn't_ so.... anymore.

I've done what?! If I did this besides jokingly, and to point out (maybe
too bluntly) that it is socially acceptable for it to happen between
straights (as opposed to gays/lesbians/bisexuals), I apologize profusely!

*gets down on his hands and knees and starts kissing boots and licking spurs*

> Events, sadly, went much as Pug described.  

In my SCA life I've not seen events go that way. I have seen individuals
do this (including myself for about a year 6 years ago. *sigh* nothing
to do with the SCA though, just a sad time in my life), as well as
individuals who like to play matchmaker, but not an all out singles
pickup atmosphere.

> Sure, some folks still go to events to 'get drunk and get lucky'
> but that is no longer a broad based motivation... today that attitude can,
> at best, get you a reputation and, at worst, get you a fatal disease.  To
> proliferate those ideas, either by action or word, or even to state that
> they are a 'norm'(sorry, Pug),

No reason to be sorry. The main reason me and my lady are becoming more
and more involved in the SCA (or is that it's becoming our life instead
of an escape?) is, in small part, the fact that this doesn't happen and
we don't have to feel uncomfortable being around people who do have
attitudes like this.  Doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good party though.
(Most of the people I party with are already in very comfortable
relationships and probably part of the reason I like partying with them
and not the singles crowds.)

Of course my definition of good party has changed drastically over the
years away from my attitude of 6 years ago. Although I drink (less and
less despite brewing it myself), I think I've only been actually drunk
once at an SCA event in the last 3 years, and that was when I was
mourning the lose of a dear friend. I'm quite certain I was quite
obnoxious that night. *grin*

> Something
> to consider the next time you hear someone hospitalling new folks with the
> idea that 'great booze and fast women' is a darned good reason to join up.

I know I for one have never done this with new folks. (Btw, we do have
great booze. I can't comment on the fast women though having no recent
experience.) I have jokingly stated the following with other older
members though....

"We like to go out in the middle of the woods, beat on each other with
sticks and drink."

Do I think this is what the SCA is about? Hell no, especially since I
don't want to fight. It is how we look to lots of outsiders and even
some newbies though. On the other hand, what are most events centered

Let's see, we setup camp, have a list that is the center of the daily
activities, followed by court, a feast and then bardic circles.

What have we just done to the casual observer?

There are of course exceptions. A&S events and dance events aren't
necessarily this way, but they are far outnumbered by the above type.
(How often is the A&S display/competition off in some remote corner from
the center of activity or look like just another tent/pavilion?)

Are A&S neglected? I don't think so. The people who want to do them are
going to do them. (Just like fighters are going to fight and service
oriented people are going to keep working.) Are we trying to promote
them? Not at most events, IMO. Isn't A&S the main "reason" for the SCA?
Aren't we hear to educate? How can we do that if we don't research and
practive first? Even period fighting styles can't be taught until
someone learns them and tries them out. (Guess what, they just performed
A&S research.)

Maybe I should keep my mouth shut so it isn't misunderstood. *shrug*


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