misunderstood emailings (formerly teasing, SCA, etc.)

E.Preston III & Shelly K Walker wf3 at icok.net
Thu Dec 5 15:43:58 PST 1996

Joining the Diarmut, Lyonel and Pug discussing email and the SCA.
IMOHO, I think folks misunderstand postings often because they choose
to. Quite often, <this post in point> our discussion group seems so
desparate for a change of thread, we'll start an argument just to see
where it goes.
This thread was begun with a posting about Clan Blue Feather. Not
surprisingly, it sparked numerous postings. Then Pug's sarcasm caused
another 5 day thread.. and counting.
Perhaps some clarification question should have been asked of Pug, or
anyone else who I'm not sure what the under current means.
2 pence piece.
Britta the Red..

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