Society Evolution

Michael Gunter michael_gunter1 at
Thu Dec 5 17:32:18 PST 1996

timo asked if things had changed significantly to the "old time" members. 
Well, I guess I'm a "middle time" member myself having only been in for
around 12 years.  (I still feel like a newbie.)  But my response is "Yes,
things have changed."

I nearly responded to Dieter's comment about how different things are around
fighter practice.  Yes, back when we all started there was more fantasy,
drunkeness, and rampant sexuality.  Why?  Well maybe because most members of
the SCA were teenagers or very early 20's.  I remember watching an "old
timers" list where all combatants had to be over 30!  Teenagers and early
20's types, unsupervised and left to their own resources, will tend towards
fantasy, drunkeness, and rampant sexuality.

The Society has matured along with its members.  All you "old timers" out
there think about how old we all were when we started.  Yeah, I think we've
gotten a little stuffy and frown at the new youngsters who do what we used to
do but then it was cool 'cause we ALL did it.

Different? Yep.

Excuse me now, I have to go back to my rocking chair and complain about those
loud Madrigals those kids are playing!



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