Trebuchet (long)

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>Greetings, Cosyns,
>Lyonel here.
>I pulled this one off the An Tir list.  Thought Gnith et alia would
>appreciate this even if it has little practical application in our war
>>_A Scud It's Not, But the Trebuchet Hurls a Mean Piano_
>Dennis G. Grace

Sir Lyonel,

There is a group of absolute whackos based in Dallas called The
International Hurling Society.  They are the group that built the full sized
trebuchet for the popular tv show, "Northern Exposure".  They have regular
hurlings open to the public for a small entrance fee.  If you are a member
of their organization you get to participate in the fun.  Their unit of
measure for projectiles is the C.S.O.... thats right, 'cow-sized object'.
They even have a nifty logo featuring an upsidedown cow sailing through the
air.  I have one of their t-shirts on my Christmas wish list... maybe a ball
cap too.  

So far, they can get a Martin Mini to go a football field....  !

Currently, they are constructing a trebuchet that is designed to hurl a
buick past the quarter mile mark....     !!

Worth a look.  They're our kind of folks. 

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