Trebuchet (long)

dentim at dentim at
Thu Dec 5 22:10:12 PST 1996

Greetings mein Herr!

Deiter mused....

>Currently, they are constructing a trebuchet that is designed to hurl a
>buick past the quarter mile mark....     !!
>Worth a look.  They're our kind of folks. 
>Dieterich                       "Wow! I mean... WOW! All I can say is
>just... WOW!!"
>                                                        -Steve Martin
>                                "Fetchez la vache!"
>                                                        -Silly Frenchman

Ok,here's the plan...We build this large wooden badger,then wait till
nightfall.  Then Lyonel, Dieter and I jump out of the badger and ...


Lyonel, Dieter and..ahh.oh nevermind, I think thats been done.


Rear Admiral James StJohn-Smythe (Mrs)       :)  :) :)

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