Michael Gunter michael_gunter1 at
Fri Dec 6 09:02:06 PST 1996

At the risk of getting severly pounded by my friends and practice-mates, I
agree with Sir Galen's and Mistress Gunnora's feelings about rectangular
shields.  They are very effective and forgiving but they just never LOOK
right to me.  I don't feel that, with proper practice and training, a heater
(or round for that matter) is any less effective than a square.  I train
mostly at Inman's and with the exception of His Grace Himself can go
toe-to-toe with all the rectangular shields out there.  I like the look and
feel of my heater and I enjoy the way I have to move to fight with it

I also agree with HE Jan about protecting and not over-armoring a point you
get hit on all the time.  I am now looking into getting some body and leg
armor but only after I have been established as an "unarmored" fighter.  My
desire for the armor now is so that I can look more "knightly".

I do not mean this to slam rectangular-shield fighters and I do express the
idea that a properly trained fighter can fight with any shield or weapon
style almost equally.   As I said, I just like the "look" of my heater.



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