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Fri Dec 6 07:58:12 PST 1996

May I jump in qith a comment related to Gunther's
> not over-armoring a point you get hit on all the time

So there I was at an archery practice.  My arrows had started to go
all wonky -- well, even more than usual.  8-) They were tending to go
low and left.  My instructor watched me shoot a couple of times and
said "Take off your armguard and try it again".  I shot -- *WHAP*!
string to the bare forearm, nice bruise starting.  I shot again --
*WHAP*!  string to the bare forearm again, the bruise is spreading.
...  Well, that explains the "low and to the left" business.
Fortunately, I can learn in 2 repetitions.

Now I use a more open stance and shoot without an armguard.  If I hit
my arm -- well, I'm used to the pain enough that I don't flinch, but
it hurts enough to make me correct my form ASAP.  My instructor calls
it a "self-correcting error".

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