Local activities...

Chris Walden cmwalden at flash.net
Mon Dec 9 07:39:59 PST 1996

On  6 Dec 96 Mark Harris wrote:
> I also remember more activities on Sunday. But this may have
> been dieing out even seven years ago since I only remember a
> few such activities and then only on Sunday morning.

I would like to see more Sunday and weekend stuff locally.  Events 
are great, but my world is starting to move closer to not being able 
to travel all the time.  I already know several who have curtailed 
their  activities because they have homes and families that require 
more of their time.

I'd like to see some more Saturday and Sunday stuff.  I've tried to 
get some stuff going, but it hasn't stuck.  {Which means to me that 
I'm not doing it right-- or maybe I need to bathe more.  :o)}  I'd 
like to see some more local weekend stuff.  I'd much rather spend my 
time playing than driving and setting up camp.


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