Fighter Food!

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Mon Dec 9 16:23:25 PST 1996

On Mon, 9 Dec 1996 Terry_A._Harper at wrote:

>           before a tourney.  I have found that I can usually get them
>           to eat oatmeal if it's doctored up right.  Boil your oatmeal
>           and then add honey, mashed bananas, diced apples, brown
>           sugar, any or all of the above.  I wouldn't eat too much,
>           but it's better than having dry heaves from fighting too
>           long and not eating anything.  I also try to keep plain old
>           bananas with us in case there's no time for cooking.

On the oatmeal thing, when a priest friend of mine spent time in a Buddist
monestary, he later said they ate oatmeal w/ peanut putter.  The body uses
this efficently, and it is really tasty.

At one time, I remember Caeme was feeding Don potatoes boiled for 20 min
in water with X amount of salt.

Did it work, Don?


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