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Mon Dec 9 12:35:17 PST 1996

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>           I am not a fighter, however, I am a fighter's wife.  I
> also feed many fighters in camp before the tourney's, war's, ect.
> My husband, as well as some of you other fighters out there, (you
> know who you are!)  really resist eating anything before a tourney.

Hear! Hear!  Eat food, go to sleep! No fight well! Have something to 
blame it on beside lack of skill <gr>.

> I have found that I can usually get them to eat oatmeal if it's
> doctored up right.  Boil your oatmeal and then add honey, mashed
> bananas, diced apples, brown sugar, any or all of the above.  

Hmmm, have to try this. Oatmeal tends to "stick to the ribs" as my 
mother used to say. If the apples are diced small enough (or 
mashed?) sounds good to me. Have to give it a try.

> I wouldn't eat too much, but it's better than having dry heaves
> from fighting too long and not eating anything.  I also try to keep
> plain old bananas with us in case there's no time for cooking.
>           Hope this helps!

I'm sure it will! Thanks for the ideas.


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