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>OK, this may sound like a goofy question, but ...
>What do you heavy fighters eat before practice/tourney/war?
>I've always had general energy level problems in athletics that I've
>combatted with diet/aerobic exercise regimens to varying degrees of success.
>Armored combat has been no different for me.
>So what do YOU eat on the day before/day of combat? Pasta? Peanut butter?
>Bean burrito? Carrots? Orange juice? Power bars? What quantities? What do
>you think of things like ginsing or that energy paste stuff that long
>distance runners use?
>Talk to me!
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I generally eat either a pop tart or a package of thin sliced turkey. The
most important thing is to balance what you eat against the conditions of
the day (heat, humidity, etc.  During the tourney I sometimes will eat a
small amount of meat or cheese but only if I know that there will be some
time before my next fight.

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