Fighter Food!

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Tue Dec 10 00:07:07 PST 1996

  Gnith  asked goofingly....
>>What do you heavy fighters eat before practice/tourney/war?

  Deiter responded......

>Jovian and Myself always stict to a strict diet of Ding-dongs and twinkies
>the month before any fighting event.  We reccommend it.  Except for fighters
>who will be in the same lists we are in... for them, we both reccommend a
>quart of lard right out of the can with a cod liver oil chaser 15 minuites
>before the tourney.


Y'all forgot to mention my fav, 2 pots of coffee(black) and 1 cremefilled
longjohn. Seriously, that's about all I eat on event days, maybe a banana or
two later, but thats about it. (of course,I have plenty of,ah "stored
energy" to burn.) I'd stay away from greasey stuff, ESPECIALY pizza!(Beach!) 

overheard at Melees:
     Marshall-in-charge: "the next battle will have no archers." (cheer!)
      anonymous fighter: "and no lefties!" (CHEER!!!)

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