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>From the Webpage:

Here is a shameless plug for Steppes 12th Night! We are planning a
surprise guest from the origins of Ansteorra! So be there...

January 4, 1997 
Sokol Hall, Ennis, Texas 
Noon - 10pm 

Unto my dearest friend does Baron Edwin FitzLloyd of the Steppes Send

It is with great gladness of heart that I have learned of your
imminent presence at our celebration of Twelfth Night here in
the Steppes, to be held at the great Sokol Hall in Ennis. Texas,
on January 4th, 1997. Preparations are begun for your arrival
and our plans are many and diverse.

Her majesty, Elizabeth, (may God protect and defend Her) and
the Lord Chamberlain have given me leave to make use of the
Lord Chamberlain's Men, a fine acting troupe, for our
entertainment. They will, I am sure, beguile us with many
scenes penned by Her Majesty's most beloved playwright,
Master William Shakespeare, and my lady wife, Mistress
Siobahn FitzLloyd, will see to it that their choices are suitable
for such company as we will have. I dare say those of us who
wish to try their hand at such of his works as they might could
be judged for their prowess and rewarded in some fashion.

Should you prefer a contest of a more tempting and delicious
nature, you may try your hand at our subtlety contest guided by
"If music be the food of love, play on", theme which was
suggested by Master Shakespeare himself.

My mistress of the banquet, Lady Johanna Frobin, has already
begun the preparations for a hearty and succulent feast, and
Doña Antonia Santiago da Lagos will be handling all manner of
other preparations to be made. The Boar's Head Tavern will
provide (at a cost) fine and hearty drinks with a host of games
available for the passing of time. As for dance, my dance-master Lord
Armand de Foix will oversee that gentle pursuit.

I expect that upon January 4th of the coming year, I will have
the pleasure of seeing you and your household in the finest
clothes (of the latest fashions, of course) for this wondrous and
happy occasion. 

Yours, Baron Edwin

Contests: A bardic competition for performance of a
Shakespearean piece will be held. An additional competition for
bard who wish to entertain the children will be held (5 minutes
maximum). The traditional costume and table decoration
contests will take place. The subtlety competition will follow the
theme "If music be the food of love, play on." 

Children's activities will be available throughout the day and
will be supervised by Lord Valentyne Drake.

The Boar's Head Tavern will be open for those who wish to
purchase alcoholic beverages - alcohol must be purchased on

Feast will be served in the evening and is being prepared by
Lady Johanna Frobin. Any inquiries concerning the feast should
be directed to Lady Johanna. 

Reservations: In an effort to better prepare for the event, we
request that those attending make pre-paid reservations by
December 20, 1996. Please include wthe S.C.A. name of each
attendee along with a phone # where one of your group may be
reached. Send reservations to Doña Antonia (see below). 

Fees: (make checks payable to "S.C.A. Inc./Barony of the

Pre-Paid: Adult $10.00, Child $5.00, Max: $30.00/family
On-site:Adult $15.00, Child $7.50, Max:$ 40.00/family

Doña Antonia Santiago da Lagos (Dawn Spellman) 
4820 Westgrove #204 Dallas, Tx 75248 
(972) 380-1097 

Feast: Lady Johanna Frobin (Amy Matlock) 

Directions: Make your best way to IH 45, 33 miles south of Dallas. Take
Hwy 34 (exit #251) east for 1.5 miles. Sokol Hall will be on the left
side of the road. Note that this is not the site of last year's 12th
Night. (map -

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