Fighter Food?

Terry_A._Harper at Terry_A._Harper at
Tue Dec 10 07:29:20 PST 1996

Okay, when I was new in the Society my favorite tourney breakfast was cold
Polish sausage, a hard roll, and coffee.  Maybe a hunk of cheese.  I
considered it very period and nourishing and I could go all day on it. 
Another plus was that once I got squired, my master took one look at my
breakfast, turned slightly green and cooked me an omelete.

Now I insist on a fried apple pie and coffee.  A banana around lunchtime
keeps me going into the later rounds.

A healthy body is a healthy mind!
Seeing my diet, you draw your own conclusions.



P.S.  Rhain, can I have breakfast in YOUR camp?

Anytime!  Look for the Norse tent with the big fire in front, oops,
          that sounds like alot of Norse tents!


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