Help stamp out a SCA evil!!!

Terry_A._Harper at Terry_A._Harper at
Tue Dec 10 07:33:50 PST 1996

Greetings friends!

It has come to my attention that there is an alarming trend in this 
mighty Kingdom of Ansteorra.  It is unfortunate that it has come down 
to this, an attempt at public shaming, to try and solve this problem.  
More and more at events I notice people have been abusing...(oh, dare I 
say it?), Gold Lame'!

It's an alarming trend, and needs to be discussed!  I don't mind people 
indulging themselves in their mudane life, but we have impressionable 
children at events!  Is this the example we want to set for future 
generations of SCA'ers?  

We need to make an effort to let these deluded fools know that Gold 
Lame' is _not_ Cloth of Gold!  It is a shiny, sparkly fabric designed, 
I think, by the lord of evil himself!  These poor souls are being 
seduced into the dark side of costuming!  Before you know it they will 
be making Elizibethan dresses and Norse tunics out of polyester 

Plus, we also have to consider the safty risks.  We all know that our 
SCA insurance is shaky, at best.  The last thing we need is for a site 
to go up in flames because of Gold Lame' Friction Build-up(tm)!  We are 
only a trews length away from that tragedy!

Help stamp out the use of this vile acetate!

In service to the All-Natural-Fiber Dream!


p.s.  Also be on the look-out for the spawn of Gold Lame'--Silver Lame' 
and the scores of... *shudder*, printed lame' fabrics! 

VIVAT!!!!!!! Well said Gio!


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