Yule Revels

Lori Jones LJONES at bashful.ossm.edu
Tue Dec 10 11:43:40 PST 1996

> >... no one is responding about the Wastelands or Weisenfeurer
> >Yule Revels,...I asked last night how those respective yules 
> >went and got no responses!...
> >Britta the Red

> perhaps Baroness Kat could list (the awards given out) as my 
> memory is not very good with names.  Probably been hit in the
> head one time to many.  
>  Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

I thought it was age that caused the memory to go???  :-)

There were 3 AoA's and 2 Thistles given.  Among the AoA's was 
D'Alder Camber of Wiesenfeuer.   I'm sorry to say I can't remember 
the names of the other 2 individuals - maybe it *is* getting hit in 
the head too much.   It's a good thing my job is writing, not 
memorization...   The thistles went to Michael Auldridge for 
Instrumental Music and Sir Burke MacDonald for Candle Making (not 
that he'd *ever* have told anyone himself...)

-  Kat
Sable Scroll to TRM

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