Fighter Food!

Lori Jones LJONES at
Tue Dec 10 12:15:04 PST 1996

> >Actually, I bottle it after every succesful battle. I have wagons 
> >insulated with sawdust that deliver ice to me from the mountains all 
> >summer. I keep the blood on ice so it won't congeal. As I said, very 
> >refreshing.
> >Kein

Those of us who are less well-stationed and can't afford retainers to 
drive the wagons (much less the ice to keep things cold) simply go 
down to the Merchants-R-Us and buy the economy boxes of ready-
to-mix powdered blood  (Don't ask me how they do it!  Miracles of 
modern alchemy??!!)  These are really great if you have limited 
numbers of servants to carry your provisions.  Also, you can heat 
the newly hydrated blood for a slightly less "refreshing" morning 
drink!  :-)

If you're not into liquid diets, Barn's typical pre-tournament 
breakfast consists of oatmeal (whenever possible) and coffee.  I 
usually eat fruit of some sort.  It doesn't really stick with you, 
but, then, that could be good or bad depending on your 

-  Kat


Bs. Katrionna MacLochlainn
Wiesenfeuer, Ansteorra


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