Why I Hate Fencing

Crouchet crouchet at io.com
Tue Dec 10 12:27:52 PST 1996

Sorry to resurect this thread after so long, but I found this message that
I never got around to sending.

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, dennis grace wrote:

> Well struck, Your Excellency.  Unfortunately, 'tis my week for typos (I also
> shrunk myself by almost a foot in another posting).  Let's try "the result
> that fencers with peerages FOR FENCING are about as common as three-headed
> sheep." Well, maybe TWO-headed sheep.
> Yours in Syntactically Negligent Service
> Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace 

Speaking as a Don, I would like to see something impossible happen; I
would like to see Peerages given for being a Peer (honor, grace, wisdom,
being a leader and an example of our best), without regard for which
activity a person enjoys the most. Archers, tavernkeeps, heralds, 
chiurgons, MOCs and chroniclers all contribute to our game and any of
these folks could be one of our best, but do we really need a seperate
Peerage for each catigory? And what do you do with an Archer/chronicler/

I know the SCA's existing peerages are set in cement, but perhaps the
thrust of those who supports peerages for other activities such as rapier
and archery should not be to work seperatly for a peerage for their little
slice of the pie, but to work together to regain the right for our crowns
to give simple peerages as they see fit.

After all, shouldn't it be the Crown -- not the BOD -- who decides what is
worthy of reward in their kingdom?

Don Savein - Ansteorra

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