Fighter Food!

Scott White swhite at
Wed Dec 11 08:33:23 PST 1996

>I've had no trouble staying at about six percent body fat, so I'm sold on

Six percent?!? I'd have guessed about one percent! For those of you who
haven't met Lyonel in person, the man looks like a metal cable.

Thanks for the dietary suggestions, Lyonel. That was the sort of practical
advice I was after! I'll be sure to check out THE ZONE by Barry Sears, per
your suggestion. It also occurred to me that I might want to ask my sister,
who's a UT track runner. Duh. If I learn anything of note from her, I'll
pass it along to the list.

>PS--Kein, why would you want to drink the blood of losers?

That's kinda like that brilliant question they kept asking me at the airport
last week:

"Are you transporting anything without your knowledge?"

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